Cuisine in the French Tradition

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  • Offering chef services Thumbtack and Dabble

    Chef Tefs is now offering private cooking classes and personal chef services on Thumbtack and Dabble.  Look for his class on Fermentation on Dabble and check out his personal chef services and private cooking classes on Thumbtack.

  • Kendall College

    Chef Tefs is now teaching culinary at Kendall College.  Kendall is widely regarded as the leader in culinary excellence in Chicago. He’s extremely pleased to instruct at an institution that aligns with his beliefs and philosophies of sustainability and local food production. The upcoming term will see him add an advanced-skills International Cuisine culinary class to…

  • It’s true

    Chef Tefs has resigned from Le Cordon Bleu Chicago. He is now free to consult, as well as teach and pursue his entrepreneurial drives.

  • Lessons

    Chef Tefs will soon be offering private cooking lessons.